Institute of Advanced Studies @ Nanyang Technological University
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The Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS) was established in July 2005 on the 50th Anniversary of Nanyang Technological University (NTU). It aims to provide NTU’s science and technology initiatives with a “Nobel boost” and to establish the hallmarks of science at the highest level. IAS is advised and guided by a committee of world-renowned scientists, including 11 Nobel Laureates and a Fields Medalist. Mr George Yeo, Former Minister for Foreign Affairs, is currently the Patron of IAS.

IAS at NTU is generally regarded as one of the best Institutes of Advanced Studies in the Asia Pacific region. The Institute hosts a significant number of Nobel Laureates and Fields Medalists every year and organizes a large number of high impact, international conferences, workshops and schools across many disciplines in the Asia Pacific region. The Institute has helped to forge interdisciplinary research and close collaboration between NTU and major centres of research around the world, and it has inspired numerous talented youths through its many programs and allowed them to interact closely with eminent visitors and speakers around the world. The multidisciplinary topics include physics, chemistry, engineering, biomedical imaging, materials science, maths, liberal arts, urban planning, etc.

By establishing its close rapport with active scientists and distinguished scholars from all disciplines, IAS hopes to promote Singapore as a hub for international research and development.